Frequently Asked Questions !

Why should I list my Church in Allchurchonline?

People in your area can find you online and visit your Church. People can contact you for prayer help or guidance when they are in need. Other Churches and Pastors can find you online and have good fellowship and relationship with you.

What is the eligibility criteria to list my Church?

If it is a Christian Church, then it is eligible to listed here.

What should I do to list my Church in Allchurchonline?

Click "Add Your Church" link, Fill all details in the form. Submit it.

How much time it will take to publish my Church details in your website?

Probably a week. Before that we will verify the information provided by you, by email or phone call.

Is there anything i have to pay for this service?

No. This is free service. But if you want to donate us you can do.

I have submitted my form long before but still it is not listed why?

Contact details you have provided at the time of form submission may be wrong. Please submit the form again with correct details.

I want to change the details of my Church. What should i do?

You can change certain details by login to your church profile.

All my Church details are listed but my Church website is not listed why?

Due to some reasons we are not listing sub domains and sub directories like yourchurch.blog.com, blog.yourchurch.com, blog.com/yourchurch. We list only domains registered for your Church. Example: www.yourchurch.com, www.church.org, www.mychurch.com etc. It must be your own independent domain, not hosted by a free server.

Send Mail link is not visible in my page. What should i do?

Your email id may be wrong or you might not verify your email. Check your spam, junk mail folder or login to resend activation mail.

I don't want you to show my mobile number or Send Mail link. Is it possible?

Yes. You can change this in your profile settings.

My country does not have Zip or Postal code. How can I submit my form?

Please enter 0000 in the post code to submit the form.

I am a member of a Church. I want my Church to be listed in Allchurchonline. Is it possible?

If you know all details about your Church and Pastor, you can proceed to fill the form. To avoid confusion at the time of verification, Please inform your pastor about this. Please do mention your name, mobile and email in comments box.

I am not able to view mobile numbers of the Churches listed in AllChurchOnline. What should i do?

To avoid mobile spamming we have restricted the visiblity of mobile numbers to anonymous users. If you have the legitimate reason to contact the Church, register and login to view mobile number.

I would like to donate to your ministries. How can I?

Please contact us using our contact form, we will guide you.

My question is not listed here. What shall I do?

We are always looking to improve our service to our users, so if your question is not listed here, just use our contact form to ask us your question, so that we can provide you and our future users with a valuable answer to all required questions.